Cast Of Clarissa The Record Carp, Caught By Richard Walker. Limited Edition Of Just 20, By taxidermist Barry Williams. Stunning!

Limited Edition Of 20 Casts By Taxidermist Barry Williams. Clarissa, Caught in 1952 By The Great Richard Walker.

|   Here's a fantastic opportunity to own a cast of the famous Clarissa, caught by the late great Richard Walker in 1952.  This is a unique chance to own a piece of carp angling history.  Here is the information provided by Barry Williams:

"On September 13th, 1952, shortly before 5am, Richard Walker caught the most famous carp in English history, 'Clarissa'.  The fish smashed the carp record, weighing in at 44lbs.  Unlike most record fish at the time, Clarissa was not tapped on the head and sent to a taxidermist, she was transferred alive from Redmire Pool to London Zoo, where she lived for the next 19 years, weighing 27lbs 8oz at death in 1971.  Fred Buller acquired the carcass and sent her to Eric Hare, an ex-Rowland ward Taxidermist in Golders Green, London.  During the mid 1980s she was restored by Peter Stone after fat began to leak from the head and between the scales.  Fred Buller later sold Clarissa to Billy Lane of Coventry, where she was displayed in his tackle shop.  In 2010, I was approached by Fiona Lane, Billy's daughter, to restore Clarissa after she had deteriorated quite badly.  After extensive work, Clarissa was back on display in Lanes Tackle Shop.  A limited edition of 20 casts of Clarissa will be produced to order, each having an original scale from the lateral line on the reverse side where she was opened and then re-stitched during restoration.  Barry Williams, Taxidermist, Cannock."


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