Complete 3 Rod Carp Fishing Travel Outfit!!

Grab And Go Complete Travel Kit. Rods, Reels, Alarms, Net, Scales, Bobbins +++

|  A unique and complete 'grab and go' travel carp set up. carefully selected gear for holiday trips, all neatly packaged in a compact hold all. Will easily fit in the car boot, or in a large suitcase for overseas holidays and opportunistic sessions. This outfit is virtually a mirror of my own personal travel kit, and it does the job adequately. Includes pretty much everything apart from leads, terminal tackle and bait!  This 3 rod outfit comprises of the following:

1x JRC Defender travel holdall. Approx 38" in length and features padded carry handle and shoulder strap, zipped outer sleeve for sticks, tackle wallets and other bits of kit. A main padded compartment for storing made up rods and reels. BRAND NEW.

3x Rovex Nitrium II 5 piece carbon carp rods. 12' long, with 3.00lb T/Cs. Complete with bags. BRAND NEW.

3x Daiwa Regal 4050Z Bite N Run old school baitrunner reels from the 90s. Classic reels. Robust and reliable. EXCELLENT WORKING ORDER.

1x Bulk spool of Daiwa Sensor 15lb mono. BRAND NEW.

1x Rovex Power telescopic 2m specimen landing net handle - the best compact handle I could find. No longer manufactured. BRAND NEW.

1x NGT 36" specimen landing net with alloy spreader block and stink bag. BRAND NEW.

6x Black alloy adjustable bank sticks. BRAND NEW.

3x Rear rod rest heads. BRAND NEW.

3x Chain bobbins. BRAND NEW.

3x Magnet roller bite alarms. Bright blue LEDs, volume settings. Compact design. Reliable. Batteries and zipped covers included. BRAND NEW.

2x Tackle wallets. Velcro fastened, with 15 grip seal sleeves per wallet. BRAND NEW.

1x Compact digital scales. Very accurate. 110lb/50kg capacity. Batteries included. BRAND NEW.



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