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Latest Products

Quality Cloth Rodscraftsman Rod Bag For Ten Footers.

Hand Made In The UK. Excellent Condition. Ideal For ...


2 x Cono Flex Old School Glass Carp Fishing Rods. 1970s.

Classic Old School Carp Rods. Fuji Fittings.


Top ten Products

Sowerbutts Glass Carp Fishing Rod. 10'. Rare.

Quality Vintage Glass Carp Rod. London Maker.


1 x Dave Austin Split Cane Carp Fishing Rod. S/U. Detachable Butt Section.

Stepped Up Split Cane Carp Rod. 11'. Built 2013.



1 x B James And Son Bruce And Walker MK IV G Carp Fishing Rod.

Classic Vintage Glass Carp Fishing Rod. 10'.


1 x Chapman 500 Vintage Split Cane Light Carp Fishing Rod. (B)

Classic Vintage Light Carp Rod. Very Good Condition.


1 x E T Barlow Vortex Avon Vintage Glass Fishing Rod. Excellent Condition.

Good Quality Glass 10' Avon Fishing Rod. Circa 1970.


1 x Fox Stalker Old School Carp Rod. 9', 2.75lb T/C.

Classic Looking Rod. Excellent Condition.


1 x Gerry's Of Wimbledon Tri Cast Custom Old School Carp Rod. 12'. 2.25lb T/C.

Classic Old School Quality Carbon. Custom Built. Fuji ...


1 x Graham Phillips Cougar MK II Old School Carbon Carp Fishing Rod. 1990s.

High End Carbon Blank. Fuji Fittings. 12. 1.75lb T/C.


1 x Lee Of Redditch The Lepsom Split Cane Rod. Ideal For S/U Stalking. 8'2".

Powerful Split Cane Rod. Ideal For Stalking Snaggy Swims.


1 x Nash Pursuit Custom Built Spod Rod. 1990s Old School Carp.

Classic Old School Nash Spod Rod. Excellent Condition.


1 x Terry Eustace Carbon Carp Rod. Classic Old School.

Classic Eustace Custom Carp Rod From The Early 1990s.


2 x Brand New Vintage Style 8' Carp Stalker Rods. Glass.

1970s Style Glass Stalking Rods. UNUSED!


2 x Browning Camcad 12' 2.75lb T/C Carbon Old School Carp Fishing Rods.

Classic Browning Camcad Old School Carbon Carp Fishing Rods.


2 x Bruce Ashby Conoflex Carbon Old School Carp Rods. Rare. SALE!!!

Quality Old School Carbon Aramid Carp Rods. Circa Early ...


2 x Century Armalite MK I. 3.00 T/C. Excellent! Old School 1990s. SALE!!!

Iconic Old School Carp Rods. Rare 3,00T/C Models. SALE!

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