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3 x Rod Hutchinson Old School Vintage Monkey Climber Needle Bobbins. New Old Stock.

Unused Old School PTFE Monkey Climber Bobbins. EX Large.


3 x Rovex Nitrium II 5PCE Travel Carp Fishing Rods. MINT!

Good Quality Travel Carp Rods. Will Fit In Suitecase!


3 x Solar P1 12

3 x Solar P1 Anti-Twist 12" Stainless Bank Sticks.


3 x Terry Eustace Brass Opti Forks For Optonic Bite Alarms.

Quality Brass Opti Forks x 3, As Sold By Terry Eustace.


4 x Rod Hutchinson Intuition Carp Fishing Rods. 12'. 3.00lb T/C.

Fantastic High End Original Rod Hutchinson Carbon Carp ...


5 x Cyprinews Magazines. The Carp society.

Published By The Carp Society, 1990s.


6 x Carp In Depth Series. Various Authors. Some SIGNED

Full Series Of Carp In Depth Publications, By Various ...


6 x Fox Old School Inner System Tackle Boxes. 1990s.

Classic Old School Fox Carp Tackle Boxes. Circa 1990s.


8 x ABU Tight Lines Old School Fishing Tackle Catalogues.

Great Source Of Reference For Cardinal Reels Etc.


A Dream Of Carp, By Mike Starkey. 2004.

Historic revelations Of A Carp Angler From 1967 - 1999.


A Flick Of The Tail, By Dave Lane. Limited Edition Leather-Bound Edition. MINT UNREAD.

Quality Leather-Bound Edition With Slip Case/Box. Number 91 ...


A Flick Of The Tail. By Dave Lane. HB. 2008.

Hardback. Excellent Condition.



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